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The Next Generation of Bone Growth Stimulation


OrthoForge is a Medical Device Company that specializes real time monitoring of bone growth. Our company strives to develop and deliver the gold standard orthopedic stimulation and quantitative real time information to all healthcare stakeholders. Through the use of our proprietary device we have a mission and vision to promote personalized medicine, improve outcomes, and better the patient experience in a cost effective manner.

The Benefits

The OrthoForge System will have the ability to monitor fracture healing directly at the wound site, monitor not only patient compliance but also proper usage. These benefits can be achieved in real time and not retrospectively. Our proprietary technology will also be able to collect, aggregate and analyze, fracture healing data for healthcare systems, payers, and group practices alike. The OrthoForge technology is designed to add to and improve upon today’s fracture healing paradigm.

The Next Generation

OrthoForge has a mission to increase communication with all stakeholders in the fracture healing market. Whether it is a treating clinician, a payer, a patient, or a researcher. Access to information in real time and the ability to look at fracture healing data at multiple levels has the potential to improve outcomes, and reduce costs. OrthoForge wants to partner with the fracture healing community and enter into the Next Generation.



  • Angle Venture Fair
    Posted by : Erik

    Grand Rapids, MI – March 24, 2017 – We are very excited to announce today that OrthoForge has been selected as one of the 24 presenters at this years Angel Venture Forum (AVF) on May 5th at the Union League in Philadelphia. This is a true watershed moment in our growth. This year over 230 companies worldwide applied to be presenters at AVF.

  • Web Site Re-Launch
    Posted by : Erik

    Grand Rapids, MI – December 16, 2016 – OrthoForge, an early stage medical device company concentrating in osteogenesis, today announced that it has launched it’s new website, www.orthoforge.com [...]

  • New Hire
    Posted by : Erik

    OrthoForge, an early stage medical device company concentrating in osteogenesis, today announced that it has appointed Jim Fries as Chief Executive Officer effective immediately. [...]

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